Fan filmed videos from around the world. Fan filmed videos from around the world.

last update . . .  7:30 pm Monday  October 20

Fatboy Slim . . . sleep, rave, repeat

Sunday  Oct 19


     Fatboy Slim is rave-ing around the world.  He sets up, and the masses come to rave.  Here he is in Tokyo, Japan last night  Great video by dja4us. 

     Check it out . . .

Today in Rock History . . .

Monday  Oct 20


   The premiere of the movie, " The Song Remains the Same ", the Led Zeppelin concert film, was held in New York City in 1976. 

     Check out a tune from that movie, and if you haven't watched the movie, do it.

Video courtesy of Jimmy Karlsson

Pearl Jam . . . debuts new tune

Friday  Oct 17


     Pearl Jam played a gig in Moline, Illinois and jammed a new tune called "Moline".   Eddie can chat the crowd up like he was sitting around his living room, check out the video.  Video courtesy of VideoGremmie.

Linkin Park . . . jamming in Brazil

Saturday  Oct 18


     Linkin Park played a massive setlist last night in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  Love'em or hate'em, they will jam.  Video courtesy of Cíntia Tavares.

     Good seats, check out the video . . .

GWAR . . . back in action

Friday  Oct 17


     Gwar is back on the road, and back to their chaos, very cool.  The new singer, Vulvatron, is a great addition the show, do yourself a favor, go see this.   This video is from Friday night in Stroudsburg, PA.   Check it out, video courtesy of Stavs .


Lorde . . . Great song, great team

Friday  Oct 10


     Lorde, Lorde, Lorde . . . Lorde everywhere.  That's because she's awesome, a breath of fresh air.  Here is a video of her performing " Royals " in San Diego,   great song and the Kansas City Royals are in the World Series.  Video courtesy of JOSEWILLSLAY.

     Check it out . . .

Luke Bryan . . . some country for ya

Thursday   Oct 16


     Luke Bryan has written a hit song or 2 or 10 or more.  Down to earth dude and Ellen loves him.  Here is a video from a Wheatland, California concert last night, courtesy of augustgrl82.

     Look at it . . .

Opeth . . . a dynamic metal experience


Sunday  Oct 12


     Opeth,  derived from the word Opet which is the name of a fictional Phoenician city in South Africa whose name is translated as "City of the Moon".  Anyways, what that means to you is an awesome metal show, some video from Nottingham on Sunday, video courtesy of gigaddiction.

    Click and watch it . . .

Todays birthday shout out . . . Eminem, 42

     Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born into this world today,  and the journey to his destiny began.  Check out this video, vintage stuff here, 95 or 96.  Do you notice the crowd, yup, there isn't one.  He sells out stadiums now !  Thanks for the video slimmivy.

    You should watch this . . .

Alice Cooper . . . cover tunes in a bar,                  hell yeah !

Wednesday  Oct 15


     After opening for Motley Crue, Alice Cooper played a set of cover tunes at Dan McGuiness, a bar in Nashville, Tennessee.  Here he is jammin' the Doors " Break on Through ", video courtesy of hydearchives.  Check it out . . .


Ani Difranco . . . yup, Rockstar

Tuesday  Oct 14


     Ani Difranco has been on tour since day 1.  Saw her a few times myself, in the dread days.  In this video . . . Ani plays Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Video courtesy of lutah.

     Check it out . . .

Cannibal Corpse . . . original death metal

Thursday  Oct 16


     Cannibal Corpse have been around the world many times . . . from Buffalo, NY to Helsinki, Finland.  They are heavy !  Check out this video of Cannibal Corpse in Helsinki,  filmed last night or today or in the future.  Video courtesy of David Araneda.

      Check it out . . .

Dave Grohl . . . Book release party and Perry Farrell, wait, what?

Tuesday   Oct 14


     Dave Grohl is in New York all week for the Letterman gig, and he also attended and jammed at a book release party for rock photographer, Danny Clinch.  This video is from Manhattan’s McKittrick Hotel, Dave is chillin in the back and at about the 2:15 mark, Perry Farrell slides in for the chorus of the Rolling Stones "Miss You ".   Video courtesy of Mendle44.


King Diamond . . . He's back !!!

Saturday  Oct 11


     King Diamond is back in the states !  His first gig here since heart surgery a few years ago.  This is video from opening night in Atlanta, GA.  The opening 2 songs , some great video from Joel Barrios.

    Check it out . . .



John Legend . . . Love songs are universal

Monday  Oct 13


     John Legend is THE modern day crooner.  Get used to seeing him around, he will have a long career with a voice like that.  Here is John doing " All Of Me " at the Apollo Theatre in London, video courtesy of Vikas.

     Check it out . . .

Echosmith . . . Cool Kids for sure

Saturday  Oct 11


     Echosmith is touring the country and everywhere they go, yup, they are the cool kids.  No joke.  Here they are in Boise, Idaho on Saturday.  Video courtesy of Wesley Nielsen.

     Check it out . . .


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